A dynamic team, crafting harmonious digital experiences

With our human-centered design approach, collaborative process, and a solid backbone of tech, you will be set up for rocketship growth.

  • Weston McVicker

    Design for humans, create something beautiful, and improve lives.

  • Drew Peterson

    Creating simple and reusable react components. Bribe me with food.

  • Nick Kalivas

    Creating and learning something new every single day.

  • Gregory Stock

    Building narratives, engaging customers, and sharing brands with the world.

  • Benjamin Reiter

    Constantly evolving to turn imagination into reality.

  • Erika Andrews

    Promoting efficiency, creating order, and keeping ducks in line.

We strive to build relationships that get better with time

“Secret Sauce has been a phenomenal one-stop-shop solution for our marketing site needs. Their strategic approach to building digital experiences combined with rapid, seamless implementation has allowed us to move quickly and achieve growth goals as we scale.”

Andreas Schroeter - Marketing Director

Let’s make magic.