Capturing a new investment opportunity zone through design.

The challenge

Opportunity Assets Group came to us with a big vision and the desire for a face to match. Due to new legislation for “Opportunity Zones” throughout the US, huge investment opportunities have arisen, incentivizing real estate building in low-income areas in exchange for tax breaks. OAG is creating a fund from investors to move on this huge opportunity. They needed a strong brand that speaks to the credibility, knowledge, and experience that the founding team has. The brand and marketing site needed to capture the trust of investors with an institutional foundation alike to large financial firms, while showing that this is a progressive company able to navigate the complex new tax laws.

A foundation of knowledge, expertise, and credibility.

Our approach

Understanding who OAG was trying to speak to was crucial to creating the right look and feel for the brand. We did a deep dive into the target demographic and wove in the vision set forth by the founders. What emerged was a trustworthy brand with a modern touch. During the initial phases, we helped the team discover what made them unique...what their secret sauce was...which resulted in 5 guiding principles. These ended up being tied into the 5-circle blue logomark. Once we had the language, brand and initial wireframes for the website done, we set out to hone in on the OAG website look and feel. We had to get the images just right, not too big-city, but not too suburban. We wanted the logo to be front and center, materializing throughout the site in a variety of ways. This ended up creating a cohesive face for OAG that made them feel as big as their vision.

Guided by core principles for many years to come.

“From a return on investment perspective, the decision to work with Secret Sauce was an absolute home run.”

Adam Wolf, Senior Associate @ OAG

Branding & Visual Identity

The OAG brand centers around their logomark and modern, strong blue. The circles are repeated to imply maps, zones, and opportunities. The logomark can represent one property or a larger perspective on the market. Originally, we started with a mostly white look, but evolved to have contrasting sections, working will with large imagery. Real state is about cities, buildings, and structures, so we honed in on how OAG shows up in photography.

Website Design & Develpoment

OAG wanted to move on this opportunity of Opportunity Zones quickly, so they needed to create a fast, reliable site that got viewers information quickly. We broken down the website into key components and made it very easi to navigate down the page. They also wanted to include a skinned version of the Opportunity Zones map provided by the government, so we integrated it and changed it to match their branding. The site now functions as a static page at blazing speed. We also used a content management system called Contentful, so that there is no development needed for content changes.

Structural integrity creates a sense of purpose.