Electrified branding and a high-energy marketing site.

The challenge

Xeal Energy came to us to help them establish a brand and website for their unique offering. They are not the only player in their industry, but they do have underlying technology that gives them a competitive advantage. They had the software experience designed, but needed to demonstrate value to their various customer groups, through a simple, clean, energized website.

Branding & visual identity

The Xeal brand evolved out of a harmonious balance of approachable and cutting-edge. Xeal did not want to intimidate property managers with complex diagrams of technology, but instead wanted to show that chargers can be sleek and cool, without complex installation, maintenance, and more. We wanted the logo to be more than just an X or a lightning bolt. We wrapped up the many layers of the Xeal offering into a balanced, yet strong symbol. The four corners represent the pillars of the smart city, while the helix represents the underlying technology. Combined with a striking, energized purple color palette, the brand came alive to represent the essence of Xeal. We even found the perfect font, Mont, which features an approachable tone, while having a subtle lightning bolt hidden in every letter T.

Website design & development

The Xeal website was structured to create strategic funnels for each of the target customers. The home page features an overview of what Xeal does and why all types of property owners should consider EV charging. Throughout the page, there are conistent call-to-actions, which point the customer down the right funnel. For example, apartments and condos will click a button to learn more about the apartment/condo specific offering.

Interactive components

At Secret Sauce, we like to learn by doing, or in this case, showing value through interactive components. We built a custom calculator that motivates the user to learn and discover how much they can save (money and CO20). This ended up being one of the most used features on the site, and was eventually turned into its own page. This calculator even goes a step beyond showing, by sending data to the Xeal API to assist with sales calls and a customized quote.