High-converting website experience for a multi-city product launch.

The challenge

Zebra came to us with the vision to create a brand, website, and fully-customized checkout flow for their upcoming product launch. Originally, the project was scoped for multiple cities with different pricing structures. When working with a fast-moving startup, we try to provide flexibility, because of the ever-changing nature of startup offerings. We began with a round of research with existing and new customers, which helped shape the vision for the brand and how we might answer the most common questions, or holdups for customers. Another key challenge in this project was using a mismatch of product photos and content, since the scooter that Zebra was going to roll out, was going to change in a matter of months. We ended up working with Zebra at a number of points throughout their launch, as their brand evolved, vision soldified, and the site had to adapt with them

We delved into the light and dark in search of harmony.

Website design & development

We created a flexible set of components to showcase graphics and illustrations. We incorporated brand elements throughout the site, such as the use of slanted cropping of images, and the subtle zebra print. The checkout flow had to be dead simple and guide the user through some potentially complex pieces like insurance or accessory helmets. We succeeded by simplifying everything and keeping information concise. The flow was then even simplified as Zebra tested, iterated, and removed steps with extra friction.

Strategy-driven subscription flow

The checkout flow was at the core of the experience, so a stellar experience across devices was a must. We worked closely with stakeholders within the company to iterate and simplify the offering. All parties involved learned a lot about the complexity with multiple cities and product offerings, resulting in quick decisions to achieve business goals. In the end, the flow was as simple as customers are used to with Shopify or similar platforms, but with pieces that are only possible with a fully-customized stack.

Our interviews with potential customers showed us where people get caught up and would need more information.

Zebra sold out of their scooters within days of launching with a new website and subscription flow.